Life throws us all sorts of challenges that mold who we are. All our relationships (to self, family, friends, culture, environment..),  continually shape our experience and how we see the world. The world at times might look bright and beautiful, and in the next moment dark and scary. It is these changing experiences of ourselves, others and the environment that counselling seeks to bring greater awareness and understanding to.

By understanding how we relate to ourselves and our relationships, we are able to become aware of the context we live within.

Carl Jung describes this simply as ”what we are not conscious to, we are ruled by”.

When we become more conscious of what is driving or motivating our behaviors and decisions, we can then choose healthier more life enhancing ways to navigate life, freeing ourselves from the limits of our old patterns. The core of this work is getting to know yourself better, building capacity to cope with the challenges of life and finding purpose and meaning.

I am a Psychosynthesis counsellor.  You do not need to know any thing about Psychosynthesis to come to counselling.  But if you would like to have more of an overview check out my About Psychosynthesis section.


    “The privilege of a lifetime is to become truly who you are” – Carl Jung


    • A struggle with communication and emotional expression in relationships.
    • The desire to have more conscious ways to relate with self and others
    • You have high stress, Anxiety and Depression
    • You feel people dont understand or get you.
    • Struggling with a traumatic history of, sexual, physical or emotional abuse
    • Challenges with intimacy and those you love
    • Working through grief and loss
    • Finding purpose and meaning in your life.

    Piero Ferrucci - Quote

    “It’s all really very simple. You don’t have to choose between being kind to yourself and others. It’s one and the same.”

    Carl Jung - Quote

    “What we are not conscious to we are ruled by. – Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

    Roberto Assagioli - Quote

    “Psychosynthesis is a method of psychological development and self realization for those who refuse to remain the slave of their own inner phantasms or of external influences, who refuse to submit passively to the play of psychological forces which is going on within them, and who are determined to become the master of their own lives.”


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